Youth War Gaming Workshops

Times: Typically M-F on holiday breaks or in the summer from 10:30am to 4:30pm

Location: We have been meeting at Source Comics & Games, Roseville

Cost: There is a fee for these events based on the number of days attended.
Participants must be from 6th to 12th grade in the fall 2016.


Each “teach & play” session stands alone and the level of game mechanics will be determined by the participants. Ancients, Feudal, WWII, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi are all potential settings. Military conflict will be the theme from a strategic to a tactical level. Some social and political influences may be represented. 5+ hours of possible game time each day with a break for lunch. Whether you are able to come for the full day or just a shorter 4 hour period, this should appeal to all “would be” generals and great for all budding historians.

Pictures from the Summer 2016 Workshop Meeting

Pictures from the December 2015 Workshop Meeting

Things we learned to play between 2014-16:

Shogun, Axis & Allies WW I & WWII, Memoir 44′ Campaigns, Tide of Iron, 4000AD, Carrier Strike, Viktory II, Wizard Kings, Wizard’s Quest, Twilight Imperium, History of the World, Fortress America, & Ancients Commands & Colors, Quartermaster General, Pacific Typhoon. & RISK w/variations.

Things we’d like to add in 2016-17:

Twilight Struggle (Cold War), Conquest of the Empire,  Duel of the Giants, Duel in the Dark, Wings of Glory, & COIN (Counterinsurgency) Games, Combat Commander.