Strategy Game Rules

CSGA Regional Strategy Game Tournament Rules & Information 2014-2015 Season

Invitational 6th-12th Regional Multiplayer Strategy Game Tournament Information

Tournament Eligibility, Fees, & Bye Requests 2014-15

  • Invitational 6-12 Secondary Section. This is a regional section and is open to any student within or outside the ISD 621 attendance area in grades 6-12. Players will be invited to play based on their known participation in clubs and tournaments. Players interested in being invited to play can contact Bill Nara at Players and alternates must display an interest in competitive and fair play. They must have exhibited maturity, proper gaming ettiquette, and the ability to complete multiple rounds of gaming without simply giving up. Forfeiture in a multiplayer tournament game is unacceptable.
  • Bye requests must be made prior to the tournament starting.

The entry fee for the Invitational Tournament is $8 per player. Fees are paid by the individual players online using PayPal or Cash and Check at the door the day of the event. Please arrive early if paying on the day of the event.

All checks should be made to “CSGA”.

Check-In 8-8:30AM – If you do not know all the rules to the games, it is to your advantage to please check-in earlier than later.

Rules & Warm-Ups at 8:30AM – Get trained in on the games you are less familiar with!

4 Rounds of Play 9AM- About 2-3PM

4 Different Games to determine the “All Around, Master Gamer”

If you do not know the rules to the games before the tournament , please check-in early enough for “warm-ups” when we train players in on the games they are not familiar with. It is unlikely that any one player will know all the games in the mix! The 4 different games will be determined by the players and the tournament director and posted before the competition. It will consist of a combination short & long boards below.

Short Boards: The featured short board games may be; Basic Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Survive!,  Pompeii, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Kingdom Builder, or TransAmerica TBD. Rounds will generally last 45-75 minutes. We will try to have four players only on each board.

Long Boards: The featured long board games may be; Acquire, and Smallworld. Rounds will generally last 90-120 minutes. We will try to have four players only on each board.

Bill Nara will be the Strategy Game Tournament Director. Please use for questions.