M-F 10:15am to 4:45pm Youth Wargamers’ Workshop

Time: 5 Days M-F July 22-26 10:15am to 4:45pm / Location: Source Comics & Games

Registration Open CLICK HERE

Fee Schedule: War Gamer Workshop
$60 = 5 days
$52 = 4 days
$42 = 3 days
$30 = 2 days
$16 = 1 days

Participants must be from 6th to 12th grade in the fall 2019.

Each “teach & play” session stands alone and the level of game mechanics will be determined by the participants. Ancients, Feudal, WWII, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi are all potential settings. Military conflict will be the theme from a strategic to a tactical level. Some social and political influences may be represented. 6 hours of possible game time each day with a break for lunch. Whether you are able to come for the full day or just a shorter 4 hour period, this should appeal to all “would be” generals and great for all budding historians.

Pictures from the December 2015 Workshop Meeting

Things we learned to play 2014-18:

1775, 1812, Shogun, Axis & Allies WWII & WWI, Memoir 44′ Campaigns, Tide of Iron, 4000AD, Carrier Strike, Viktory II, Wizard Kings, Wizard’s Quest, History of the World, & Ancients Commands & Colors, Quartermaster General, Pacific Typhoon, RISK w/variations, Twilight Struggle (Cold War), Imperial, Victory in the Pacific, War at Sea, Fortress America, COIN (Counterinsurgency), and Grizzled.

Things we’d like to add in 2019: (Interested in being a GM for this event? Let us know at hwnara@q.com)

Duel of the Giants, Duel in the Dark, Wings of Glory, Labyrinth.


Source Comics & Games
2057 Snelling Avenue North
Roseville, MN 55113

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