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Youth Civilization & Empire Builders’ Game Camp (Or…Non-War Games!)

Time: 5 Days M-F August 19-23 10:15am to 4:45pm / Location: Source Comics & Games

Registration Open CLICK HERE

Fee Schedule: Civilization Builders (Non-Wargame) Boot Camp
$60 = 5 days
$52 = 4 days
$42 = 3 days
$30 = 2 days
$16 = 1 days

Participants must be from 6th to 12th grade in the fall 2019.

The “teach & play” format allows for maximum engagement. “Create, Develop, & Operate your own civilization” is the theme of the week. Each day will stand alone and the level of game mechanics and sophistication will be determined by the participants. Settlers of Catan & Variations, Civilization, Alhambre, Carcassonne, Dominion, Imperial, Brass, Age of Industry, Titans of Industry, Acquire, Tigris & Euphrates, Ideology, Power Grid, Hansa Teutonica, and many more will be on the buffet table. Some military influences may be represented. 6 hours of possible game time each day with a break for lunch. Whether you are able to come for the full day or just a shorter 4 hour period, this should appeal to all “would be” politicians, business persons, and merchants.

Examples of things we learned to play 2015-2018:

7 Wonders & Variations, Catan Pirates & Explorers, Seafarers of Catan, Catan Variations, Civilization, Imperial, Rise of Empires, Acquire, Power Grid, Lancaster, Hansa Teutonica, Tigris & Euphrates, Ideology, Brass, & Alhambre.

Things we’d like to add in 2019:

Dominion, Machi Koro, Shogun, Titans of Industry, Domain, Age of Industry, Empire Builder.


Source Comics & Games
2057 Snelling Avenue North
Roseville, MN 55113

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