June 15 – July 1 – Simulation Games – Summer Academy

Take gaming to the next level, beyond Stratego, Risk and Settlers of Catan! If you derive enjoyment from historical “what ifs”, analyzing maps, resolving political intrigue, developing a civilization or replaying battles that changed history, this is the experience for you. Join us as we learn how to play, analyze and form winning strategies for several games. Simulations let you call all the shots as the general, CEO, president, tycoon, or emperor. You will be put into historical situations as you match wits with your classroom rivals, deciding whether to cooperate or compete to reach your simulated objectives. Gaming scenarios will be selected that offer a variety of strategic challenges for two, three or more players. Not only will you get to play many intense and intriguing games but you will also analyze their game mechanics and visual appeal/aesthetic design in order to create your own game components. Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to expand a business or a civilization? As the leader and decision-maker, you will find out as you apply your knowledge of geography, economics, politics and history to be successful in this course!

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Columbia Heights High School
1400 49th Ave NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421

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