Fri 2/21 Wtr Table Top Gaming Festival; K-12 Chess, 6th-Adult Ticket to Ride/Acquire Tourney, D&D, Open Gaming – Highview MS

Friday, February 21st, 6pm – 10pm, Events described below!


There is a $6/person registration fee for all tournament play. (There is no fee for Open Gaming or D&D.)

Fees will be collected online and at the door.

Participants younger than 6th grade must be accompanied by an adult.

Check-In & Walk-In Registration 5:45pm to 6pm for tournament play.

Open Gaming between 6-10pm; Bring your own or use the game library! Come & Go on your own schedule, but get there early if you want to play a longer game.

Open D&D between 6-10pm; Student DMs will invite interested adventurers to participate in their creations. (Subject to DM availability.)

Open Multi-Euro Tournament; Ticket to Ride & Acquire 6:15-9:45pm 6th Grade to Adult, 3 Rounds; 2 Seeding Rounds then Final Champion/Consolation Round.

Open Youth Chess Tournament 6-9pm K-12th, 4-5 Rounds Based on Registration Numbers.

Concessions Available 6:30pm-10pm

CSGA Board Gaming Festivals Include Chess & Strategy Game Tournaments, Open Gaming, & Concessions. Game Library Available or Bring Your Own! (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Great opportunities to enjoy your favorite games and a chance to spend some special time with your special friends! So, if you enjoy mental challenges but would like to ramp up your social interaction, then attending a Board Gaming Festival is a MUST for YOU! These board gaming events offer you, as well your friends and even family members, a great opportunity to learn and play some of the hottest, most popular, and challenging board games out there. We provide many games such as; Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, 7 Wonders, Splendor, Machi Koro, Power Grid, Carcassonne, Pandemic, Flash Point, Castle Panic, Memoir ‘44, to name just a few, but many players bring their own games to share as well. It’s also a great chance learn and play more lengthy games like; Risk, Shogun, Lancaster, Hansa Teutonica, Puerto Rico, Alhambra, Smallworld, Civilization, Quartermaster General, and Axis & Allies, among others. Hope to see you at one of these amazing board gaming opportunities!


Highview Middle School
2300 7th St NW
New Brighton, MN 55112

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