Winter Table Top Gaming Festival; K-12 Chess, 6th-Adult Ticket to Ride, Acquire, & Open Gaming – Mounds View HS Cafeteria

Friday, February 22th, 6pm – 10pm, Events described below!


There is a $6/person registration fee for all tournament play. (There is no fee for Open Gaming.)

Fees will be collected online and at the door.

Participants younger than 6th grade must be accompanied by an adult.

Check-In & Walk-In Registration 5:45pm to 6pm for tournament play.

Open Gaming between 6-10pm; Bring your own or use the game library! Come & Go on your own schedule, but get there early if you want to play a longer game.

Open D&D between 6-10pm; Student DMs will invite interested adventurers to participate in their creations. (Subject to DM availability.)

Open Ticket to Ride Tournament 6:15-9:45pm 6th Grade to Adult, 3 Rounds; 2 Seeding Rounds then Final Champion/Consolation Round.

Open Acquire Tournament 6:15-9:45pm 6th Grade to Adult, 2 Rounds; 1 Seeding Round then Final Champion/Consolation Round.

Open Youth Chess Tournament 6-9pm K-12th, 4-5 Rounds Based on Registration Numbers.

Concessions Available 6:30pm-10pm

CSGA Board Gaming Festivals Include Chess & Strategy Game Tournaments, Open Gaming, & Concessions. Game Library Available or Bring Your Own! (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Great opportunities to enjoy your favorite games and a chance to spend some special time with your special friends! So, if you enjoy mental challenges but would like to ramp up your social interaction, then attending a Board Gaming Festival is a MUST for YOU! These board gaming events offer you, as well your friends and even family members, a great opportunity to learn and play some of the hottest, most popular, and challenging board games out there. We provide many games such as; Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, 7 wonders, Power Grid, Carcassonne, Pandemic, Flash Point, Castle Panic, Memoir ‘44, to name just a few, but many players bring their own games to share as well. It’s also a great chance learn and play more lengthy games like; Risk, Shogun, Lancaster, Hansa Teutonica, Puerto Rico, Alhambra, Smallworld, Civilization, Quartermaster General, and Axis & Allies, among others. Hope to see you at one of these amazing board gaming opportunities!


Mounds View High School
1900 Lake Valentine Road
Arden Hills, MN 55112

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